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Make changemaking your sport with a global tribe sharing your dream

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Solutions, Speakers & Project Partners

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Badges & Opportunities

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Travel Destinations

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Your priority Maps

Your partners

Speakers, Project Partners, Magical Coaches and YL Coaches ready to work with you


100s of Missions to take and badges to earn

Local Maps

Map local partners, spaces, and engage with them

Travel Destinations

Plan excursions, field trips, epic family and volunteer holidays


You are no longer alone. You are no longer empty-handed. You can fill your whole year with most fascinating global and local interactions with new allies and friends. 

They mean it.

These are not the lukewarm people complaining about problems and waiting for government or payment to do good while kids suffer, species vanish, peace, prosperity and our dreams erode. These are veritable hero*ines recognized with 100s of awards, and a growing mega community of caring youth, teachers and adults … the very few per school and town that care and have hero*ine spirit – like you.

They have superpowers.

They do not wait for government to pay someone to fix problems. And you can wield these magic wands, too. These relations truly matter for your life. This is what the term star originally means. 

They support you.

These lovely people equip, involve, support, accompany and coach you on your journeys of unfolding your powers.

They welcome you.

Not all have time to connect in person, but many are open to video-meets, collaboration, or even visits to their initiatives. This sparks lifelong friendships and opportunities to live dreams that money cannot buy.

Youth Crew / Changemaker Student Club / Warrior Clan.

Whatever your passion or pace … you are fully empowered to self-organize year-round multi-faceted stream of activities engaging your whole school community and local ecosystem. Our hero*ines did so alone by themselves from scratch on a single cause. You are equipped like no one before in human history. What will you do with it? If this doesn’t make your heart fly, you’re already dead. 

A life of awesome.

We’re not afraid of the future. We know that tremendous suffering lies ahead, caused by people’s ignorance and laziness. But all of us unleashing our changemaking powers with badass like-hearted global community create and enjoy thriving spaces of peace, joy and abundance inmidst catastrophe until we’re in the next era when Nature will be sacred once again. Read more on Urgent Optimism.

Already, the Map is more rich and actionable than any other platform for youth, and it is rapidly growing. Make it the best it can be by seizing your opportunity to live your dreams.

You cannot buy a ticket to access YL’s hero*ine community.
You earn it, by doing good for people and planet.