Your portal, gaming map and tribe to do what the world really needs now!

High impact projects, hero*ines, boss battles, badges, friends, travel spots and more.

The Map unites our youth and adult communities
for fireworks of action and life of adventure!

For tools, training and collaboration, join your YL Community platform.

Youth age 8-18

Live changemaking as sport with fun and flair of adventure


Boost global hero*ines and local youth leadership in daily life at home and work

Key Professionals

Teachers, Councilors, Journalists, Librarians, Civil Society

Eric, YL Captain
Meet the Team

Already, the Map is RICHER than any other platform of positive use to you.

As our youth and coaches community grows – and with it the scope of magical experiences, impact and friendly open doors all over Earth – we lay the foundation for exciting, meaningful, rich lives for all of us + our kids! Become part of something truly new serving global groups from schools to cities to better achieve their good aspirations. Add to our Maps and join the movement!