At School

Live your ideals for students, people and planet

Marry Quality Education & Changemaking


As a teacher – like in sports or music – you can inspire youth with an experience of basics and the genre’s magic. YL provides you with “changemaking’s Mozarts” and classic actions to perform and embellish lives and land. Deepening learning and outcomes through video-meets, expertise, projects, access to land, activities and excursions, however, requires outer school partners.

Our Maps provide it en masse, at global and local level; the latter co-created with your students. They are shaping the Map, lives, regions’ futures, (and with badges) their skills, professional journeys and relations. As they walk in teen hero*ines’ footsteps, they experience improved agency, resiliency, view of youth, people power, human goodness and capacity to overcome grand challenges together.

These critical competencies come with rich value and robust tangible benefits for their Learning Journeys.

Positive Worldview

Your students gain positive image of youth, their power to shape their lives, their now and future

Edu-Action Badges

Enrich subjects and life at school with compelling projects, experiences and high value badges

Endless Opportunities

100s of missions as class, extracurricular projects and student club, fit to combine with sister city programs, field trips etc.

Self-organization beyond school fence and hours

Like sports, music, arts and gaming, changemaking only happens for a few hours at school, and to 90% after school, on evenings, week-ends and holidays. 

The local and global Maps community and #BeMoreAwesome enable your students to live their passion well equipped with tools, community and friendly relations to shape their own Experiential Learning journeys.

Your priority Maps


Inspire students, spark action and student clubs with the world’s finest role models


Offer 100s of project opportunities generating ace skills, positive news and high value for CVs


Book speakers, team up with project partners, add purpose to field trips and air travel

Local Maps

Create an Enabling Environment for youth to self-organize projects beyond school fence and hours

If my generation is to face the great challenges we are about to inherit, service needs to be a bigger part of our education. It’s a challenge to get schools and larger institutions to step it up and make service and volunteerism a bigger priority. I wish there were more opportunities to support the next generation of compassionate leaders. While we are the future, we need to start acting now, rather than waiting until it is too late.

Madi Stein

LemonAID Warriors

From Protest to Projects.

“You never change things by criticizing existing reality. To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller, 1980

Shift perspective from the hurtful dysfunctional to creating the beautiful functional new. This uplifting vision, process and impact appeals to many more people and wins support from many stakeholders, also from unexpected sides. Needless to say, it is better perfectly aligned with learning culture.

Actionable solution stories

High impact solutions with favorite causes and activities for all student character types … fit for use online, in libraries, in class, in public, on exhibits etc.

Humanity’s finest role models

“80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously; this also works via media.”

Veritable hero*ines living the cardinal virtues and willing to help their generation do like them. Not 70 years old with initiatives requiring decades of experience, not dreamers whose dream never manifested, not angry talkers waiting for government to save them, not inspirational speakers leaving you alone and empty-handed, not black & white photos, not dead  … but today’s teens showing what all kids can do, healthy, alive, winning, and accessible for meetings. That is: of optimal relevance to your students’ lives and possibilities.

Quality video/encounters

Your video-/meetings with hero*ines and world experts have high pedagogical value and intrinsic motivation. Prepare and take first actions to meet at eye level, share own stories, ask burning questions, have an open conversation, time for fun anecdotes and insights you do not get to hear on stages and TED Talks. Celebrate common achievements, bring in ideas, plan what’s next. Fantastic follow-up opportunities – formally in class, non-formally as student clubs and informally, by individual students. 

You are not limited to passive 45 minute listening, but can get extended to weeks of multi-faceted activities facilitated built around a highlight encounter.

Experiential Learning.

Projects with impact on SDGs are the ultimate common sense opportunity for inspirational and relevant real-life projects. YL offers over 400 missions and you can adapt and dream up your own.

PEARL Badges.

PEARL provides structure, educational lens and pedagogical coating to “youth-led better world projects”. You can use the method for any project and badge of your own design. Students can badgify their project ideas, too. Learn more what makes PEARL Badges so special.

Action with value for people, planet, oneself (Badges), society, education and the YL Tribe (as inspiring model).

This is a WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN benefit is rare to find. It boosts motivation, recognition, reach and ripple effects as actions get storfied and published during realization, upon completion and celebration.

The idea of education is not to turn us into your kind of adults, but into better adults than you have been.

Adora Svitak, age 12

World's youngest TED Talker

SDG project partnerships.

No need for heavy efforts to establish partnerships and keep them alive. Join rolling initiatives (powered by people, not by heavily funded organizations) impacting entire regions and help reach new important milestones. Fantastic initiatives. Excellent stories and resources. Eloquent speakers. Diverse attainable milestones.  Flexible to respond to your ideas. Welcoming visits. Loving to give back.

Diversify engagement.

Equip several student teams or years with project partners of their choice – in Africa, India, working on land, for children, running a school, restoring a river … united on a paper Map in the hall / HQ.

Showcase engagement.

Use a grand paper map in the school hall / club HQ / school & town fests to track progress, inform and involve student body, faculty, parents and public.

Meaningful (air travel) study trips.

Your heart aches over Chinese courses’ pedagogically useless shopping trips to Taiwan? 

Make the journey a meaningful annual pinnacle experience to add value to your SDG Project Partnership, do hands on work, meet friends, coach kids and more. Report the experience to news media and schools.  = this experience in itself qualifies for a Badge!


Changemaker Student Clubs.

Once introduced, your students are fully empowered to self-organize as student club with a year-round multi-faceted stream of activities engaging the entire school community and your local ecosystem. Our hero*ines did so alone by themselves from scratch on a single cause. Your youth are equipped like no one before in human history. What will they do with it? If this doesn’t make your heart fly, you’re already dead. 

§1 The Purpose of Schooling.

Germany’s states’ Education Laws’ §1 defines the purpose of schooling briefly as nurturing talent and imparting knowledge on christian and humanist heritage as source libertarian democracy … but mostly on character building to stand strong against any violent ideology, respect honest convictions, and co-create an ever evolving  peaceful, sustainable society in harmony with natural ecosystem and a harmoniously collaborating global family of nations. 70 years of subject teaching have not achieved this purpose. Youth leadership and PEARL SDG Experiential Learning help you realize school’s purpose. 

Teachers are our young generation’s greatest ally. They decide, if we get a chance to learn how to create a better world, or not.

Craig Kieburger

Free The Children, WE, action clubs at 22,000 schools generating $100 million annual value in funds and volunteer hours

A cultural asset.

Teens doing projects changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries (closing dirty factories, ending need for heavy poisons etc) are embraced by adults across society. They receive our societies’ finest awards, media celebrate them as hero*ines, schools book them as role model speakers, their tales are read at bedtime. They embody the 12 universal values and the 7 cardinal virtues.

Youth leaders are the epitome of Able Active Caring Citizens (the upgrade from 20th Century incompetent, impotent voters and consumers demanding and waiting for government to pay someone to fix things) learning humanity’s finest solutions (like we all learn “the world’s best make-up, recipes and dance moves” from youtube) and wielding them in their home region. This makes youth leadership a fundamental cultural asset of a peaceful libertarian-democratic society. With youth leadership en masse, the now rapidly gets better, and the future will be fine. 

School as civic infrastructure.

The space to nuture Able Active Caring Citizens en masse is “all young people’s daily hangout for their 10 forming years” – school!

It is the one and only time, space and frame to nurture shared positive worldview, agreement on the now and the future they want, collective trust, action and experience in shaping it. It is safe, well equipped, has good standing and access to coaches. Do not waste this. Make it your population’s #1 priority.

Already, the Map is more rich and actionable than any other platform for educators, and it is rapidly growing. Make it the best it can be by living your professional ideals, beautify days at school, and giving your students opportunity to learn how to create a good world for all.

You cannot buy a ticket to access YL’s hero*ine community.
You earn it, by doing good for people and planet.