This map is for each of us to live our good dreams for people and planet

Hi, my name is Eric

I am giving you the best from my 25+ years at the intersection of positive news, youth leadership, social entrepreneurship, sustainability sciences and education in handy actionable form. This Map is part of a tool set enabling you to make changemaking exciting part of your life.
I do not see you as a ‘consumer’ or ‘voter’. I see you for what you truly are: a full human being with the Heart to evoke enormous good – like today’s teen and citizen hero*ines – once you given tools, tricks and a neat experience. Hence, this map is not for green shopping. So boring. This Map helps you wield your Creative Forces to the max. Let me explain the story, spirit, engines and futures behind and in this map.

Youth Leadership

“Training children and teenagers to self-organize projects changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries” has been part of civic education in the US and Canada for fifty years. With Girl Scouts even for one hundred years. Youth leaders exert sovereignity over themselves and pass on leadership to (younger) peers when they move on. They are driven by love for others, not by fear for themselves.

In recent years, media and institutions ignorant of the vast history of teen hero*ines merely portrayed advocates on a narrow scope of causes and even less activities, leaving youth empty-handed, waiting for government to save them by paying some expert to save problems. As everybody has seen by now, that will never happen!!! To distinguish our focus on projects with direct tangible impact on lives and land, we call ir High Impact Youth Leadership.


Discover today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores – warriors, healers, planters, sirens, builders, charity champs, chefs, wonders, animal angels, adventurers, storytellers – and do like them. Boost their initiatives, replicate them, launch your own, empowered, equipped and supported by a global community of gritty genius changemakers and lovely folks like you – providing all you need to live changemaking as a ‘sport’, with your choice of favorite causes, activities and partners, at your pace … casual, regular or full-time like athletes.

We have a planet to save, and no time to lose, so we provide you with a holistic ecosystem of resources and relations to make changemaking omni-present at home, school, work, in public spaces and media. For yourself and many others.

Together, these platforms form a holistic and self-perpetuating ecosystem for change. 

It’s simple, genius, exciting and your ticket to a rich life of adventure. Learn more on Your Set Of Tools here. (ADD LINK). 

Your daily dose and year-round flow of uplifting solutions, hero*ines, action opportunities and stuff that makes life more awesome. 

Elite action training for youth age 8 to 18 to grow up taking action with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores with flair of fun, magic and adventure, badges, summer camps and more.

Bring global issues to life in class, form changemaker student clubs, involve the whole school community, upgrade learning culture and make school days awesome.

Our adult community to boost global hero*ines and local youth leadership with swift simple actions fitting a busy life, also at work and to enrich one’s profession with purpose. 

Pay visits to your favorite hero*ines, make an impact, great friends – on work, volunteer and family visits – and live dreams.

We also organize group tours.

Plus, join Warrior Summer Camps to meet fellow young changemakers in majestic nature. There’s options for adults to join, too.

The map serves to make our rich scope of offers and members visible for easy interaction.

In the future, it will also show impacts in real-time and time-lapse. Help us fund and create it.

The Project-Planet Earth Map.

unifies our youth, adult, educator and hero*ine communities.

It is our gaming map to plan, meet, see context, community and collective progress. We have this online version and a paper twin for use with local groups in workshops, presentation, stands and HQ wall displays.

Real Hero*ines and YOU.

The map unites worldclass experts, youth and you in the same space, since only together you can replicate humanitys grand solutions all over Earth. 


The world’s young hero*ines get honored with our societies’ finest awards. Likewise, youth boosting and replicating their missions deserve recognition in form of badges. They help align “creating a good world for all” with obligations to society. Badges represent acquired knowledge, skills, competencies and experiences.

Project experiences involving Preparation (research), Engagement (with experts and people served), Adding value (to lives and land), Reflection (positive news reporting), and Leverage (building on achievements) are of extremely high value for education, life skills, active citizenship, higher education and professions. YL badges are built on this 5 step PEARL sequence.

Universal compatibility.

The PEARL framework opens up our work, resources and support to mainstream use.

We collaborate with the University of Bullafo’s multi-award winning Experiential Learning Network ELN (Associate Dean Mara Huber) for EL SDG project challenges with undergraduate students from all 64 colleges and universities of SUNY, State University of New York, with focus on using PEARL in youth leadership and K12 education. 

We can work with you for elementary, middle, high school, vocational, higher and adult education.

Marriage with Experiential Learning.

Major sectors like youth, education, higher education, municipality, workforce developers, civil society and parents seek to give youth valuable life- and worldshaping competencies. Project-based learning and youth-led better world projects are a perfect fit. They provide

1. awakening to the power of one – through high impact teen hero*ine stories
2. diverse opportunities to start with flying banners – through swift contributions to impactful initiatives
3. rewarding experiences of agency – through creative liberties and project ownership
4. opportunity to build on the experience – through access to a professional ecosystem

Urgent Optimism.

Knowledge of solutions, allies, experience of agency, impact and myriads of opportunities to realize the vision of Paradise nurtures a very precious mindset that genius futurist Jane McGonigal defines as

1. Psychological flexibility.
2. Realistic hope.
3. Future power.

It’s great for mental health, resiliency and active citizenship. Read more

A friendly ‘federation’ of badges-offering organizations.

We offer 100s of badges, also in partnership with diverse stakeholders – changemakers, schools, cities, companies and civil society. Offer youth high value impactful experiences and get on the map! 

Metaweb-powered community + collaboration.

We collaborate with Web 4 Foundation to develop Overweb add-ons to create the next good internet. 

The Canopi extension (view the bottom right chat window) enables communication and collaboration of past and current site users through chat, search, metacommunities and events.

The Overweb allows creation of Bridges (highly evolved links) on top of websites.

The Presence browser dedicated to facilitate positive change will integrate diverse functions. We work on an in-built PEARL badges engine.

View Metaweb

Diverse user groups.

We serve youth, adults, school, universities, municipalities, companies, civil society and journalists. View our page menu to learn more.

New, rich win-win benefits for all.

Youth get to live their values, make real impact for the people and land thery love, make life at school awesome, make great friends, boost mental health and resiliency, develop ace skills, idealist and professional relations in their home region and all over Earth. 

Adults get to live their priority role of creating a good world for the kids, add mission and vocation to life and work, meaning to family activities and holidays. View Ikigai. Key Professionals sharing our core purpose to nurture Able Active Caring Citizens – teachers, journalists, public librarians, councilors and civil society get to better enjoy their days and achieve their professional ideals.

A cultural asset.

Teen hero*ines embody the optimal citizens kindly co-creating peace, joy and abundance in their communities and the world. For fifty years, youth leadership is a proven method to nurture pertaining character, experiences, skills and relations. This makes youth leadership a critical cultural asset for libertarian-democratic societies. View education Law §1 The Purpose Of Schooling.

Civic infrastructure.

For twenty years, changemaker student clubs and service learning programs at over twenty thousand schools have enriched learning culture, professional fulfillment, student confidence, volunteering and election turnout. As the only possible masse training ground for youth leadership = Able Active Caring Citizenship, it is to get recognized and re-animated as civic infrastructure defining our societies’ future like no other sector, space or life phase. Complementary infrastructure are public learnspaces; we differentiate between learnspaces, participation places, YL LearnSpace HQs and learnscapes.

A gamechanger for society.

Youth leadership en masse evokes enormous immediate changes. At school, it upgrades an entire generation of Able Active Caring Citizens equipped with humanity’s finest solutions. Boosting youth leadership is a must for all caring people. Use YL’s resources and trainings to up your skills to use our entire scope of tools, tricks and relations.

Activation events, campaigns & trainings.

Solutions and the Map are only useful, if people use them. There’s many ways to get folks to use it. a very elegant way is Local Ecosystem Mapping culminating in a Philanthro-Party uniting all folks involved and the public to celebrate achievements, video-meet a hero*ine, realize a milestone, team up, make plans and tons of vivid photos to share via social, news and YL media. 


Browse Your Maps … you’ll be surprised how much you can contribute starting today – stories, links, boost milestones …  

Support the Map’s evolution.

Already, the Map offers more uplifting and actionable value than any other platform … and we have only started. View how you can help make it the best it can be. Hint: it’s formidable!