Sweet, better online collaboration

The new GOOD internet experience

It’s emerging. 

In fact, it’s being created by our friend Daveed, papa of multi-award winning Pacha’s Pajamas book and musical. Yes, the one in our teaching tools and missions / badges.

The idea is to make using the internet safe, pleasant, communicative, collaborative and productive like visiting our favorite cafe or hangout.

Here's how it works.

Imagine we lay an additional transparent screen over your computer screen, connected with everything happening on your basic screen. On your layer, you can set links, verify links, create events, content on and “next” to webpages. In this new Overweb space, you can also see, communicate and meet with other people currently atop this webpage. We can surf the entire existent stable static internet. Like birds flying over the land and meeting in tree canopies. With full access to the conventional internet’s websites and apps, we have enormous new creative liberties in our multi-layered transparent space.

We love it. It gets better. This space is detached from the commercial internet, thereby liberating us from bullshit ads, bullies and bots. Those cannot even register, or enter. And if bullies spew poison, they get banned. And ban is forever, since this space is for 1 unique ID only (safe, encrypted face recognition).

Wow. People behaving with decency. Like on a town square. Like among friends. We love it.

Using the internet in peace. We love it.

The motivation for Metaweb creation is not merely a less toxic online experience, but to support humanity’s evolution to create a world of awesome, to find solutions and collaborate in their rapid implementation and replication.

Here’s a little more on tools and functions.


THE BROWSER is designed to make surfers personally present on pages, like in a cafe. If you set your state to “visible”, you can recognize one another and interact. The browser has multiple functions. As you scroll a page, you can see what Bridges (see below) earlier visitors left. You can choose what kind of Bridges you wish to see, by category tag, region, metacommunities etc.


THE CHAT WINDOW enables conversations, also scrolling and searching past conversations. It enables creation of Metacommunities which manage their own rules and memberships. It also shows events and opportunities. Do you see the icon / window in your browser’s bottom-right corner?


BRIDGES = LINKS 3.0. On our translarent layer, we can connect internet content with other contents. Here’s why that matters. The “attention economy” (making money on your clicks, scroll and time) makes website owners, news and social media platforms link only to own content … not to valuable content on other websites. This limits your learning and collaboration. Further, many online articles convey weak or false information. Bridges can link to proper content; Bridge colors indicate supportive / alternative / controversial links. There’s plenty of fake paid and bot comments in web reviews. Bridges can create truthful reviews. Also, only website owners can hyperlink their site’s content, and each item (words, images, videos…) can only have one single link. In the Overweb, you can add links on any website, also multiple links to a word or image, and also in videos at XXminYYsec. This has enormous potentials.

Badges Creator Studio

We seek to integrate YL Badge engines into the Presence browser, connected to our dynamic maps, with user-friendly gameful interface, dashboard and all. Wild, huh? This adds to making Presence a “positive change” Browser by default.

We are beyond delighted

  • to have access to existing Metaweb technology and what’s coming up. 
  • to be among the first users
  • to have Project Challenges for co-designing the Metaweb 
  • to have Daveed among our YL Mages

Daveed is accessible for video-meets and collaboration.