Your Maps

1,000s of friends, actions, partners & dreams

Action opportunities for a lifetime!

Abundant powers at one glance. 

All items on the map are actionable – for you and nice folks around you. Learn about your maps’ powers. 

Your Partners

Speakers, project partners, magical coaches, YL coaches


Boost hero*ines’ and project partners’ initiatives with funds and in-kind


Exciting high impact Missions to offer / gain badges of high CV value

Local Ecosystems

Map local changemakers, school programs, learnspaces, allies

Global Ecosystem

YL program partners

Travel Destinations

Pay visits to favorite hero*ines, ventures, regions and live dreams


Hero*ine role model solution stories from all corners of the Earth


Lives and land changed by hero*ines on your map, in your tribe

Gaming Map

Dynamic maps showing impact, evolution, relations and ripple effects

There’s more. It’s fascinating, powerful, exciting, and you are shaping it with us for the world to use.

Re-storing civic deserts & boosting civic literacy

Our Global and Local Ecosystem Maps facilitating Youth Leadership & Experiential Learning in schools (civic infrastructure where all youth gather daily for ten years) are an enormous contribution to turning civic deserts into changemaker Paradise giving youth opportunity to unfold holistic civic literacy. Learn more on this important angle on positive change.

Metaweb-powered community collaboration

Use the bottom-right canopy window to meet on the page with you – they are likely allies sharing your priority dream! Will you click and do great things together?

The Metaweb is built on secure single identities, ruling out abuse by bots, bullies and criminals. Learn more on the Metaweb.

Connecting past, present and future

The Map shows model solutions + past impacts + future potentials

Hero*ines represent a success story + high impact on lives and land + a model solution to boost and wield & sometimes also a speaker to book + a coach to train you + a destination to visit.

Missions / PEARL Badges “add value” by design and shape the future, they are positive drivers for evolution of humanity, and Life on Earth.

  • Imagine seeing your presentation’s impact – sparking a student club, followed by actions and news articles, activating more schools, inspiring dozens of youth to take action, earning dozens of badges, impacting thousands of people, actions showing up throughout the country and internationally.
  • Imagine that a badge you gained or birthed inspires others to follow your example … and see these offspring badges on the map, also the people they impact around the world, the headlines they make. And all this showing up in the digital badge attached to your CV!

This truly shows the powers youth leadership; YL and Experiential Learning and gives people robust tangible hope in ordinary youth’s and adults’ potentials to evoke massive changes. This is massive!

We wish to make this visible in dynamic, interactive form, data and time-lapse with our world leading partners at the University of Buffalo’s Experiential Learning Network, and Web 4 Foundation. Support our work and create it with us.

Dynamic Gaming Interface

In board- and online games, the bird’s eye view helps us “see the forest, not get lost in the trees”. We can map out projects step by step and see the process unfold. We can move tokens representing people and resources and actions on the map. This vision helps us see context, handle multiplex issues, is memorable, feels tangible, strengthens conviction and confidence … and it helps inform, inspire and involve others. We can also track process as it unfolds over time.

In our Simulation Boardgame, people sit together around the gaming map, detect problems and draw on dozens of (cards representing) model solutions, experts, tools, tricks and allies to solve it. in YL, cards represent real people accessible via video to help turning the vision into reality. Learn more.

Your Online Maps can have such drag & drop functions and dashboard – like online games do – for real world collaboration with real hero*ines and you being one of them!

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Imagine it at school to sketch campaigns and invite people to make them real like the ultimate society game. Support our work and create it with us.

Did you know?

Vision is the most important asset to Shape The Future

Future Sciences explain, that the future is shaped by
1. current trends
2. manipulation (intentional influence, starting trends)
3. accidents (meteors)
4. vision

Proof: your holiday trip begins with a vision of where you seek to go 🙂

Your Maps are full of vision for creating Paradise – FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and it’s simple.

As YL Captain writing on 100s of changemakers and solutions fit for global replication, I have long seen that we can restore Paradise on Earth in a whiffy by copy-pasting 100 youth- and citizen-led solutions to each town … and with it youth en masse develop skills, experiences, mindset, character and network to never stop. Now that is a beautiful future! Anything less is poop. Don’t put up with it. YL provides every single bit to create the world you really love, and to be the epic generation celebrated in future history books! 

May the Map and associated platforms (YL Magazine, Boostclub and #BeMoreAwesome) FORM THE SAME VISION in your mind. Then, the plan is clear. It’s simple really. Get doing and enjoy the adventure!