Nurture youth leaders and active citizens elevating life in town

As mayor and councilor, you have overview, think big, complex, envision the future and enable multi-stakeholder cooperation to elevate life in town and region.
But it’s become clear by now that you need citizens to help you,
by getting up and carrying responsibility, too, right?.
The Local Map

… imparts your “overview & vision” powers to your young generation, their adult allies and the citizenry.

Show youth and citizens where and how to do good for people and planet, where to find their most precious allies: youth leaders, educators, social entrepreneurs, magical coaches, cultural creatives, dynamic learnspaces and beautiful learnscapes.

The map helps them see their potential and powers manifest.

Energized maps

You can harness educational, motivational and collaborative powers of gaming maps for collective changemaking ventures

Imparting & Elevating Skills

With these solutions your people can live their values and upgrade from incompetent voters to Able Active Caring Citizens co-creating peaceful, libertarian, thriving democracies, town life and regions by implementing humanity’s finest solutions, like they learn “the world’s best make-up and dance moves” from youtube.

The map helps them see their potential and powers manifest.

Dynamic Badges

are important incentives, feasible goals, missions and recognition for youth, citizens and workforce development

The Global Map

helps you add exciting international dimensions to inspire youth, enrich life in town, live SDGs in action and experience the beauty of Planet Earth and its caring people.

“We will only protect what we love.”

Re-animate Sister Cities and exchange programs

with purpose and high impact youth-led action on SDGs in schools, public spaces, town fests and news media

Pan-European Cooperation

for SDGs, social business, natural and cultural heritage powered by student club led school partnerships

Your priority Maps


Discover today’s teen and adult changemakers, and inspire your citizenry to do like them with story sets, exhibits and more

Local Maps

Create an Enabling Environment for youth to self-organize projects beyond school fence and hours


Offer opportunities to do good, shape public space, generate positive news, gain high value skills and badges


Book speakers and trainers, connect with global partners for SDG projects and re-animate sister city programs

Youth leadership en masse is a game changer for society.

Chloe Maxmin

Divest Harvard, Maine Senator, scoring multiple historic wins as middle and high school student clubber, with Divest Harvard, as first Democrat in U.S. history to get elected in her rural working class district, passing the first Green New Deal adapted to rural working class population, as youngest senator, NY Times bestseller on Dirtroad campaigning to win back America's heartland for progressive politics

Your dream come true.

Fired up youth in schools. Meeting them to envision projects. Intergenerational and -sectorial collaboration. Youth embellishing lives and land, mentoring peers, leveraging refugee powers, rocking development partnerships, animating sister city relations. Positive news articles galore. Active, charitable vibes in town. Celebrating achievements at town fests … 

A cultural asset.

Teens doing projects changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries (closing dirty factories, ending need for heavy poisons etc) are embraced by adults across society. They receive our societies’ finest awards, media celebrate them as hero*ines, schools book them as role model speakers, their tales are read at bedtime. They embody the 12 universal values and 7 cardinal virtues. Youth leaders are the upgrade from 20th Century incompetent and impotent voters and consumers to Able Active Caring Citizens. This makes youth leadership a fundamental cultural asset for libertarian-democratic society, and reminds of school’s purpose as critical civic infrastructure nurturing pertaining mindset, values and practical skills. View School and play your role of cultivating youth leadership at all your region’s schools.

An Able Active Caring Citizenry.

They do not complain to government to pay someone to fix problems. They learn humanity’s finest solutions (like folks learn “the world’s best make-up, recipes and dance moves” from youtube) and wielding them in their home region.

This is what the world needs, this is what you want, and this is what our methods help you do.

Sense of belonging.

As youth grow up positively co-shaping public space and life in town in friendly collaboration with “everybody’s favorite teacher”-type adults  and an altogether psoitive-minded citizenry, they develop a sense of home, ownership and stewardship … which reduces vandalism, violence against public infrastructure and servants, distrust of “authorities”, corrupt behavior, negligence and apathy. It creates inner and outer peace.

Sense of social / enterprise.

Youth-led projects have all aspects of business, but also more : a great story that people love to support and can contribute to, vibrant presence in the community, vivid photos and positive news, truthfulness in front of cameras, trust in people, a sense of service to the greater good, and more. Imagine that all youth in town develop this sense … and grow into adults shaping life in town for the next forty years … for you to watch and benefit from at senior age. Well, will you get to activate 1, 10, 30, 70% of youth? Embrace the challenge and get going. It will add joy and purpose and success to your life as councilor.

Worldclass know-how.

You, your active caring youth and citizens gain access to worldclass solutions, knowhow and coaching. That’s rather good value, aye? Don’t miss out.

No greenwashing. No greenwishing.

Youth growing up with honest and realistic experts, and with experience of what works with people are more resilient to become LIARS betraying the people and life on Earth for a few dirty pennies, or FOOLS making up rosy fantasies until it’s tool late and the people find themselves in HELL.  

Professional pipelines.

Working and weaving friendly bonds with local and global pro’s naturally opens up avenues to making a living aligned with meaning, societal value and one’s passion. It is impossible to foresee what this will be like in detail, and also unnecessary, since it can only be GOOD. 

Already, the Map is more rich and actionable than any other platform for active citizenship, and it is rapidly growing. Make it the best it can be by becoming one of the world’s first municipal regions to create a holistic enabling environment for youth leadership.

You cannot buy a ticket to access YL’s hero*ine community.
You earn it, by doing good for people and planet.