At College

Offer badges for projects with impact on SDGs, lives and land

Your Students seek 

meaningful practical skills and experiences for their professional future in harmony with the well-being of their heart, society and planet. Here, you find many such projects with direct tangible value on SDGs, for changemakers and the communities they serve. 

As students engage with real people and experts generating high value for society, they become aware of their extraordinary skills and resources, use them for the people and planet they love, and become able to tell their own story.

Offer project challenges

Our Creator Studios offer collabs with world experts and product output 

Engage departments

Education, visual and performing arts, journalism, sustainability, languages, computer programming, geography, anthropology, international relations etc. find remarkable experiences …

Campus culture, field trips, course credits

Go beyond walls, engage students and faculty to enrich life and learning culture 

Your priority Maps


Find partners for Experiential Learning programs and field trips with impact on SDGs


Give your students opportunities for relevant practical project experiences and high value badges


Project opportunity: Your journalism, arts and design students can create a YL Magazine Issue with us


Project opportunity: Your students can engage with their home region’s  stakeholders to form an Enabling Environmnent for youth leadership and Experiential Learning

Projects & experience opportunities are everywhere.

Your faculty are busy in the institution, conventional organizations are stuck in their funding straght jackets. But when you look at young changemakers, adult social entrepreneurs and (rural) community organizations in developing and crisis regions, many new and highly exciting opportunities appear.

Adopt the mindset and view of a changemaker … instead of a scientist or business.

Add real-world projects.

Theory, reiteration and fiddling are part of education. But please, complement them with real people, real needs, real solutions, real impact and really newsworthy outcomes. You cannot launch them yourself, just like you can’t produce heaps of theatre pieces and music. So, you connect with professional practitioners and play their compositions.

Learn with today’s Gandhis.

Who is essential, important and unique? Shakespeare and Mozart or (theory nerd) critics? Learn with practitioners and walk with them – in practice. Be current, relevant, up to date, avantgarde. That is what universities are for – to push the boundaries, be a beacon of their time, blissing populations with upliftment on the most critical causes. Right?

Relevant impact that shows.

Life-impacting value that your students generate for community organization and YL programs gets well documented for YL, social and news media for your students, faculty, department, media and badges to link to.  

Flexible, creative liberties, project ownership.

The model works for all. But no project challenge and student experience is the same. Your students agree on project challenges and can pitch own ideas.

PEARL method to badgify own projects.

Your students can use the structure and reference on their academic and professional path and impart this know-how to others. It is pure gold for future educators, sustainability folks, policy-makers and others.

Global ecosystem for advanced follow-up.

 There’s badass changemakers and world experts. There’s YL programs … for solutions journalism, youth leadership, positive art, music/al, experiential learning, active citizenship … with potential as incubator for young professionals and social entrepreneurs.

Already, the Map is more rich and actionable than any other platform for higher education, and it is rapidly growing. Make it the best it can be by following New York’s  64 universities and colleges example of making compelling Experiential Learning projects with high real world impacts on SDGs.

You cannot buy a ticket to access YL’s hero*ine community.
You earn it, by doing good for people and planet.