ENRICH community-, customer- and public relations

Workforce Development, Value to the Community & the World

Do you like good character, skills, positive values, vision, responsibility and sense of enterprise in your employees?
And a climate of peace, prosperity and positive vibes in town?

As a business, you are resourceful in skills, services, spaces, capital, resources and relations.

You have much more to give than money through pay checks and donations.

Support Experiential Learning at Schools

Offer challenges, perks, experiences 

Provide Project Opportunities

What can teen and twen youth experience and learn in your cosmos & relations? Let’s offer compelling learning + badges!

Boost Youth Leadership

Create an enabling environment for youth to self-organize projects

Your priority Maps


Team up with project partners in crisis regions, help reach milestones, shape a region’s future, pay visits


Inspire staff and customers with exhibits, seed story sets to schools and support inspired youith teams 


Inspire youth to do projects, sponsor Experiential Learning, reward badges with perks

“We care about who you are as a human being.”

Family Business

Organic cafes and farmers are examples of conscious entrepreneurs that seek to serve their community with a sense of innovation and heart. There are many more.

Let us unite your neighbors’ dreams with yours.


Large companies are powerful stakeholders in societal upliftment, or its slow erosion. YL and partners offer rare high quality CSR opportunities with rich opportunities for customization aligned with your people, priority focus and location.

Let us work together to create new exemplary value.

1. LEARNING experience examples

These are not high impact projects, but simple, valuable steps to nurture confidence, basic skills, intergenerational trust and cooperation.

Example 1

Horse ranches, canoe rentals, self-defense and yoga centres offer free open door week-ends for youth leaders and groups of challenged youth they serve

Example 2

A garage owner offers “Girls At The Garage” days to gauge engines, change tyres

Example 3

Cafe owners give teenage girls and boys barista, kitchen aid and chef experiences

Example 4

Gardeners, farmers, juicers, bee-keepers give teens opportunity to plant, trim, harvest, can, sell

Owners enjoy

  • giving youth a memorable, magical experience
  • opening up rich lifestyles
  • uplifting encounters with bright youth
  • serving kids in need
  • giving experience of creating value for real people 
  • boosting confidence

The new friendly bonds can lead to follow-up activities, donations, in-kind support, volunteering and trainings.

The relations with youth, their families, vivid photos and stories on social and news media strengthen embedding in the community

2. PROJECT Experiences

Youth can change lives and land with you.

Enable school / college student project experiences …

  • in your company’s / corporation’s cosmos
  • for community organizations working on SDGs

Harness your in-kind capital

  • skills
  • services
  • machinery
  • staff, trainees

As corporation, involve unions’ reach for your aligned interest in workforce development.

Offer youth compelling project experiences > issue PEARL Badges

Challenge your creative spirit to generate new value for the young generation, your community and your company.

Limited number of partnerships

Our jury of youth and  social entrepreneurs will assess your offer by relevance, creative liberty, impact, and your company’s track record of honest intention.

You are multi-dimensional beings.

CEOs are not just business people. They are also parents, do sports, travel, and care for youth, good education, peace, vibrant life in town, intact nature, favorite regions in the world. Other than much of civil society that bedevils anyone handling more than $3,000 a month, we love to explore and break new ground with you to do what no one did before.

You like that society ‘works’.

As entrepreneurs, we are allergic to mismanagement. With us, you can activate fresh, untapped potentials to heal societal ills. The game changer is youth leadership en masse. How many youth at school can we help awaken and upgrade their lives as Able Active Caring Citizens?

You appreciate sense of initiative and creative genius.

This is what makes us entrepreneurs. In YL, you find zero NGO administrators but only CHANGEMAKERS driven by heart, passion and commitment. Hero*ines, Mages, Magical Coaches and Project Partners are 24/7 #fulltimeforfuture changemakers … with us, you can live the *social entrepreneur* in yourself!

You like to bring in your creative self.

Yes, you donate and help in-kind, but the best is when you can sit together with a young changemaker crew, and to contribute bits to boost their ventures. After all, you know how how things work with a lot of resources and relations. Be it at local level, at countrrywide, international or billion dollar level, we have opportunities for you.

Meaning and purpose.

Even people leading a rich life, making a living on their passion – like star athletes and artists – question whether their work is what the world truly needs, now. The same is true for many people in the field of business. YL offers you opportunity to make change uplifting part of daily life at work through constant exhibits, regular Philanthro-Parties, dedicated project partnerships, customer engagement, investment in youth and more … to feed your workforce’s heart and engage their creativity with rewarding outcomes to celebrate!

Innovation and inspiration.

YL embodies new, rare, grand changes in many form. You can pick those best aligned to fit your focus, workforce, region and complement your core business.

You have untapped capacity and powers.

You have machinery, spaces, skills and services for production, meetings, learning, or even space for articles, adverts … not demanded by civil society, but of high value to social entrepreneurs and youth leaders in crisis regions.

Your staff and customers have children.

And they know there’s need to do better for the kids.

Parents love fine role models, meaningful family activities, community involvement, excursions, positive view of the world, memorable holidays immersed in nature and cultures … and that their kids can lead rich lives with true friends, great days, good life at school(!!!) and – yes, also, a CV rich in badges. You can help make life at school and in town awesome. Imagine that many of your employees’ kids form changemaker student clubs and involve parents and you! Now that’s a recipe for good atmosphere at work! – by seeding our role model media to them and inviting them to join you in reaching milestones you love!

Relations galore.

Your business friends, staff, customers, their friends and relations comprise 100s, 1,000s or even millions of people … with mesmerizing resources and powers. Leaving those to go unused in today’s challenges is an offense to the entrepreneurial mind. Dream big for good!

Entrepreneurial challenge.

Most people care for people and planet, love young hero*ines, and are willing to make swift, simple contributions to boost milestones. The challenge to us and YOU is to find those magic tricks to help all these people live their good dreams !

Already, the Map is more rich and actionable than any other platform for companies, and it is rapidly growing. Make it the best it can be by wielding your unique powers, skills and entrepreneurial spirit to set an example of 21st Century business creating a GOOD LIFE.

You cannot buy a ticket to access YL’s hero*ine community.
You earn it, by doing good for people and planet.