Civil Society

Serve youth, reach into school, win new allies, offer badges

Help kids and teens unfold their changemaker skills.

Many thousand teens today lead high impact initiatives without boards, memberships, administration and funding _ more like freelance social entrepreneurs. They act solo, as student clubs or found own organizations.

For civil society, youth leaders are a golden complement to nurture a culture of charitable action, stewardship, experiential learning at school, generating positive media images of youth, humans and our future, and nurturing a cre-active citizenry shaping their cities and land.

Inform on Youth Leadership

Give presentations, do exhibits, involve us in events

Boost Hero*ines' milestones

Mobilize members and citizenry to support young hero*ines acting to your cause

Set up a LearnSpace

Give youth a space to gather, get inspired, plan and realize projects

Your priority Maps


Inspire youth and citizens with today’s Gryffindores’ stories and inspire follow-up action

Local Maps

Create an Enabling Environment for youth to self-organize projects beyond school fence and hours


Offer 100s of high impact projects and opportunities to enrich CVs and align passion and professional paths


Book speakers, form global project partnerships and organize visits

Awaken to youth power.

Discover what today’s teens are doing. imagine it en masse in your region. It is key to a climate of active citizenship, benefitting your causes, and a game changer for society not to be ignored. 

Equip yourself.

Wield our free media, methods and trainings to inspire, involve and empower your staff, youth chapters, local youth, key professionals (teachers, councilors, journalists …) and the citizenry.

Serve Youth Leadership

It’s youth leadership. Youth exercise authority over themselves. They own the projects. They take fully sovereign decisions. They pass on youth leadership to peers when they move on.

You as adult do not tell them what to do. You do not give them permission. You do not recruit them as volunteers for your cause. You help them unfold powers to make enormous impact like their hero*ines; independent like those are, and not members of your organization. Youth leadership cannot really exist within adult organizations.

You help on demand … as friend, support, mentor or partner … with your superpowers, resources and relations.

You’re a newbie

It is critically important that you – as one of the wise civil society groups in town – sit back and affirm that to-date you have not achieved to cultivate high impact youth leadership, teen hero*ines and changemaker student clubs scoring spectacular stories and awards. This means, you have to learn something different. 

It is from this position of humbleness that you can become an enormous force and ally for the young generation.

Serve youth

Take a step back, leave your NGO hat and priority cause at home _ and help youth discover the full spectrum of youth leadership … and all hero*ine character types – warriors, healers, planters, builders, charity champs, chefs, wonders, animal angels, adventurers, storytellers. It’s like giving them a tour of the Olympic Games instead of just one discipline; or of a festival instead of just one band; or of all music instead of just one genre. Makes sense, right?

0% politics, religion, blaming, labelling

Kids’ and teens’ reason to act is LOVE for people and planet. Focus is on tangible goals and doing what needs doing without waiting for government to pay someone. No need for complicated argument on history, for obsolete political fantasies, for temporary personal opinions, emotions or convictions … all of which limit access to school – which is to be a space safe from failing adult generation’s wars.

Access your whole young generation _ at school.

You can offer high pedagogical value in form of virtuous role models, sustainability solutions, activities, opportunities and support networks to self-organize activities improving lives in the world _ while developing precious life and professional skills, experiences and access to communities of practice … manifested in quality badges for students’ CVs.

Marry edu-action, personal & professional aspirations.

It helps when youth leader’s lifetime invested in projects also paves learning journeys and professional avenues. It calms parents, the mind, helps them limit distractions, choose meaningful professions, make a life on their passion, and glide into positions of influence. YL’s PEARL badges are perfect for their CV and alignment with teachers’, higher education’s and employers’ needs.

A blessing.

As youth form Changemaker Student Clubs and self-organize multi-faceted fireworks of action, manifesting in schools, streets, playgrounds, the wild, markets and media, you will benefit in many ways.

Positive news galore.

While not all have time to connect with us, many are open to video-meets, collaboration, or even visits to their initiatives.

Live SDGs _ in Action!

If the UNITED NATIONS’ Sustainable Development Goals play a role in your work and communications, this is a fabulous opportunity to complement information and awareness with young role models and countless high impact actions with rapid impact in town, in the wild, and in crisis regions.

Learn everything we know.

Train as certified YL Coach to use all our tools, tricks, programs and relations to the fullest, and to impart the same skills to many youth and adults _ making educators a priority!

Already, the Map is more rich and actionable than any other platform for civil society, and it is rapidly growing. Make it the best it can be by boosting youth leadership and lay the foundation for a new generation of Able Active Caring Citizens beyond anything seen in history.

You cannot buy a ticket to access YL’s hero*ine community.
You earn it, by doing good for people and planet.