Live your love and action for people and planet,
and shape your learning and professional journeys!

For changemakers, Experiential Learning project opportunities exist everywhere.
Pick from 100s of real-life missions to gain high value badges for your CV. 

YL Badges create epic CVs.

Quality employers seek good character, mental health, heart, truth, wit, grit, passion, project and team work experience, entrepreneurial spirit, reflection and vision. Youth leaders embody all of it!
YL Badges are designed to nurture + verify + elevate + show these qualities.
Your spirit and experiences set you apart. Your deeds deserve recognition. Your skills and relations are gold. YL Badges are designed to serve good-hearted people like you to shape their path in society, make a living on what they love and glide into positions of influence. Because kind caring competent leaders is precisely what our societies need.

Gain Badges

Take action and report using the PEARL framework – there’s your badge!

At School

Use our Badges, missions and partners to establish youth leadership and Experiential Learning culture at school

Badgify own Projects

Define your own better world initiatives as Experiential Learning projects with PEARL

Dynamic Badges are more than a certificate. They connect past and future. Well charged with meaning, impact and follow-up bridges, they turn into a game changer and magic wands for learning, education, society, positive change and Life on Earth. True thing. Be part of making that happen!
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