Urgent Optimism


Knowledge of solutions, allies, experience of agency, impact and myriads of opportunities to realize the vision of Paradise nurtures a very precious mindset that genius futurist Jane McGonigal defines as follows …


is a highly motivating and resilient mindset that combines foresight with creativity.

It’s made up three key psychological strengths, which we can measure and improve together.

1. Psychological flexibility. It’s the opposite of being “stuck” mentally. It’s the ability to recognize that anything can become different in the future, even things that seem impossible to change today.

2. Realistic hope. It’s a balance of positive and shadow imagination. It’s knowing which risks and threats it makes sense to worry about – and which new solutions, technologies, ideas, and positive actions it makes sense to be excited and optimistic about.

3. Future power. It’s a feeling of control and genuine agency to directly impact how the future turns out, by taking intentional action today.

Building these strengths is what this community is all about.

Urgent optimism is not a fixed personality trait. It changes, often, throughout our lives. More importantly, it is changeable – we can purposefully build more urgent optimism when we need it most. Together, we’re practicing the proven skills, habits and games that can measurably increase our urgent optimism, even in the face of significant future challenges and uncertainty.


As you make changemaking your sport with us and the Project-Planet MAP one of your homes, you will naturally develop that mindset. A life of boring, scepticism and fear officially comes to end. It comes with plenty of benefits.

Boosting mental health + resiliency + active citizenship

From Jane’s mental health boosting app SUPERBETTER

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Got it, alright? So, set an example, take action, share your achievements and make sure to spread the message far and wide to get scores of people involved and upgrade to #bemoreawesome